Having recently formed a coalition government, South Sudan is undergoing various reforms to maintain peace while growing its economy. The South Sudan is focused on the bid to bolster its oil and gas sector, its implementation of economic reforms and its efforts to return to pre-war production of 350,000 barrels per day.

As high net worth investors grow restless in today’s low yield environment, many are more willing than ever to abandon the investment mainstream in search of opportunities that may deliver higher returns. With a strong combination of long term passive income and high ROI potential, significant tax benefits, and portfolio diversification, direct participation in oil and gas joint ventures meets a wide variety of aggressive investment objectives.

Despite current lower oil pricing, direct participation in oil and gas can still be a great way for partners to potentially benefit from returns that outpace most market-based investments. But there’s more to the story than the price of oil. Improved technology and the shift to developmental, infield drilling in both proven conventional fields and unconventional shale have changed the dynamics and lowered the risk of investing. Improved success rates and smart, targeted investments in proven, producing fields with established infrastructure set the stage for strong investment performance.

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