An Independence Day message from the CEO, Mr. Patrick Kenyi

Dear PSC Family,
This Independence Day, I am reminded of a quote which reads “History has taught us only too well, that tyrants are tempted only when the forces of freedom are weak, not when they’re strong.” Our Founding father Dr. John Garang made a stand for freedom and founded a nation rooted in the rights of Justice, Liberty, and the Prosperity.

Since our independence in 2011, the Republic of South Sudan has served as a beacon of hope for the people of this Nation. And we as a nation have sought to improve our experiment in liberty that was started this day 9 years ago, as a result of fighting a Civil War with Sudan regime over the very meaning of freedom, in which hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese lives have perished.

We are a force for good in the region and serve as an embankment against the temptations of tyrants. Our ability to continue defending the rights enshrined in the manifestation of this Nation depended on the struggle, which was made up of men and women dedicated to protecting the freedom we enjoy today and halting the advances of oppression.

As you reflect upon our Nation’s history this 9th July, remember that you play a critical role in strengthening our Nation, and keeping South Sudan heading towards progress.

Through our tireless business, we not only connect our members back to the core values of this Nation, but also remind them of the good things that make us all South Sudanese on this day.

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to Protech Solutions Company (PSC) Ltd, and to the men and women of our public service. This company is working to assure its clients that we are here to serve the values of this blessed Nation, and I am privileged to work alongside my team members and partners.

Happy Independence Day!

Patrick K.E. Kenyi

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