It is the commitment of the Top management to provide the right atmosphere to employees, encouraging them to contribute an entrepreneurial attitude on their part that ultimately translates in “Continual Improvement and Customer Satisfaction”.

We at Protech Solutions Company (PSC) Ltd are committed towards protection of the Environment, by Minimizing our Impact on the Environment through pollution prevention of all kinds, health and safety of employees and everybody concerned, conservation of natural resources and continual improvement during production & other supporting activities. To support this commitment, it is our policy to:

  • Actively promote environmental, health & safety awareness and knowledge among team members through continual education and job verification training.
  • Ensure compliance with legal as well as other requirements to which our company subscribes.
  • Establish and review environmental, health & safety objectives and target annually to ensure better environmental, health & safety performance through proactive continual improvement activities.
  • We recognize the importance of environment, health & safety performance while creating economic growth and competitive advantage.
  • We are committed to this philosophy and it is our hope that our Team Members, suppliers, clients and neighborhood share our commitment in preserving very valuable resources of our environment, health & safety.