Protech Solutions Company executives have spend the majority of their time trying to generate, maximize and demonstrate investment value. That value which comes in many forms: increased productivity, market expansion and reduced expenses, to name a few.

Our brand can be a major contributor to our investor value, working as a lever pulled to drive and maintain our value. Our brand has become a multiplier in every aspect of our business with all its categories.

The revitalized PSC brand, fully dialed in, explains why one of our company’s stock price is worth more than another, why our high-end products has become more sustainable to acquire, and why our particular valuation is stable while competetors are crashing under the same competitive pressures.

PSC has come to realize that it is time to make a change, to invest in the brand. So began the journey of our brand revitalization early 2020.

What does it entail? How do we ensure the greatest potential for our success? How did we manage to prepare our organization to activate on the new brand direction?

In order to achieve our current market status, we had:

Instilled an imperative for innovative change
1. Owned the mindset and created a sense of intimacy
2. Aspirde to indispensability
3. Think as one — act as one, and
4. Nurtured our brand