We supply all kinds of products to our existing and potential customers on demand. Our aim is to create a means through which people can buy or get supplies of all kinds of products they need from the comfort of their homes or offices by simply calling us or sending a quote to us through our website or email.

Our core business area is signing and execution of general contracts for supply and distribution of finished goods, services, materials, equipment etc. to individuals, corporate organizations, government agencies, churches, Hotels, hospitals, industries etc

We understand that a lot of people, companies, organizations etc. are in need of many items which they really have to purchase but having the chance or knowing the right place to buy them have been a problem to them. This is where PSC comes in.

Our supply services are focused, but not limited to:

  • Assorted Food Supply
  • Import & Export Service
  • Clearance & Logistics
  • Construction Materials Supply
  • Oil & Gas PPE Equipment, etc.